Saturday, January 15, 2011

Can It Stop Already?

Remember Bennifer?

I know you know Brangelina.

Sigh. Why do all celebrity couples need a name mash-up? I was on E! today and they are trying to figure out a name for Justine Bieber and Selena Gomez. Their choices so far -


Really? Do I need to be the one to point out the fact that they are both still technically fetuses and probably won't make it until next Wednesday as a couple? Do I? But the main issue here is the NAME - why do they all need some weird amalgamation of their names? Is space on the internet so precious that we need to start losing our identities the moment we become a "we"? Have I just asked six questions in a row? The answers are:

1. Yes, really
2. I suppose I could point it out but I'm sure most people are already thinking it. Although, I'm sure all the heartbroken young girls out there are convinced these two are going the distance....
3. I don't
4. Seeing as I'm not a part of the mainstream media, I should probably not question the things they do or don't do. If it matters to them, then let them have the win
5. Rachel - don't be cynical. Maybe this is a way the media helps celebrate their love - and not a way to strip them of their identities. That's just your degree talking.
6. Yep, that was 6 questions. 


Anonymous said...

Ok, you? Awesome.
End of.
;) xxx

Jerilyn said...

I think they should be called Bieblena personally.

But then, that wasn't your question was it. ;)

Ashley said...

Dear Rachel, I love that you used the word amalgamation whilst talking about Justin Bieber, it doesn't seem that his name and a word that advanced belong in the same sentence.


Ashter or Petley whichever you prefer. I think I just came up with our future childrens names..... I am going to stop now.

Really Rockin' Rhonda said...

Can we be Elrho?!!!

Kristy said...

I still have no idea who Justin Bieber is. Am i living under a rock? Am I too old? What is going on?
A. Not living under a rock, just too busy watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse instead of E!.
B. Maybe I'm not too old (31, ahhh) but definitely feel it when this said child star is pushing 16?
C. I've been trying to take care of a newborn who is NOT newly born anymore and a rambunctious 2 year old. I don't even have time to read US Weekly anymore!

George's Mum said...

People amagalmated mine and my husbands name on our wedding cards. Three different people. It was kind of funny x