Monday, January 10, 2011

What's your Queue?

I have been a faithful customer of Netflix for many years now.
We're basically in a relationship.
Many of my dear friends have Netflix as well and we're always texting/emailing, etc about movies we want to recommend to each other.
I wish there was a way to link up with your friends who have Netflix so that you could recommend from within the system.
Are you listening, Netflix decision makers?!?

Also, I think your queue is very telling as to who you really are. Look at mine and you see documentaries, South Park, lots of movies on oppression, Family Guy, movies from my childhood and lots of movies that no one but Dale Boam has ever heard of. That's me.

Last night, there was a guy at my house (who looks like Puck from Glee)(!!!!) who has Netflix. I asked to look at his queue and based on his viewing history, we're about 93% compatible.

Be still my heart. Will PuckleBerry happen in real life? 


Amber said...

I really like the sound of him. Please marry him (if he is marriage material, obvs)

Jerilyn said...

I think its a great idea to share netflix lists. I think we should start a dating site that doesn't ask your preferences by millions of questions, but you just have to download your netflix list! Lets do it and become millionaires!

Here are a few of mine:
Swing Kids, You Again, Bride and Prejudice (no that's not misspelled), He's Just Not That Into You, Young@Heart, The Other Sister, Wild Hearts Cant be Broken.