Saturday, February 12, 2011


Oh hey there friends! I have been a lazy blogger lately and only after hearing that my roommate's mom is threatening to cut me off of the delicious fudge she makes am I now motivated to post. I am lately - blerg.

A few weeks ago I went to a tapas restaurant called Jaleo with my buddy, Ben. They brought out bread and oil for us, check it out:

Yum! A clove of garlic and a sprig of rosemary (I think). You should have seen the mess on my side of the table! I forgot a camera so Ben let me take a few snaps with his phone. 

As an apology for being away and negligent, I leave you with a weekend present. Have a lovely one and I will work on finding some inspiration!

I have named this baby Meghan, after my sister who had a smiling problem for the first 6 years of her life

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