Saturday, February 19, 2011

Philly, PA

Last night around 10pm my roommate Devon asked if I wanted to go to Valley Forge and Philadelphia. I am not spontaneous so I didn't necessarily want to but I thought it would be fun and some girl time is never a bad thing!

It was just three hours away so it made for the perfect day trip -

Good morning, Valley Forge

The wind today was INSANE

Valley Forge, I wonder how it looked 230 years ago

I love graffiti. A lot. Especially if it's a misshapen bat.

Did I mention I love graffiti?

It was so windy it made Lindsey cry. True story!

The famous Liberty Bell

This famous statue is teeny!

The park next to LOVE Park has a bunch of giant Monopoly, Bingo, chess and domino pieces.
Isn't Sabrina cute???

This little guy was collecting money to feed hungry kids. You put the money in his mouth and watch it exit his bum. Maybe he has a head cold, hence the scarf

This was at a market that is supposed to be pretty famous

Devon and I shared a nutella + strawberry crepe

Macy's - of course we stopped in the shoe section. Rachel's always have good taste!

A pig ring, why not?

Geno is VERY patriotic

Lindsey and Sabrina wanted an authentic Philly cheesesteak

Geno's is pretty legit - Vanna White has eaten there!


Suzie said...

I've been to Valle Forge and thought it was AMAZING. You're so lucky to live so close to so many Historical sights. Philly is such a neat place! :)

tira said...

oh philly...we were there last year around this time...during the second largest snow storm in their history! reading terminal market was probably my favorite. not too much longer and we can have adventures in boston!