Friday, March 4, 2011

The Obsession Continues....

Sprinkles has landed! These guys are the originals in chic cupcakes and they have finally made it to DC!

Confession time - I have never, ever been to Sprinkles. Gulp. They made it big after I left California and now that they have expanded to the East, you better believe I will be making up for lost time.

I know that cupcakes are uber trendy and whatnot and are most likely on their way out BUT my love for cupcakes has a much longer history than this little trend. My elementary school would hold a cupcake sale every Wednesday as a fundraiser for the PTA. My mom, being the super mom that she is, would always donate cupcakes and help run the sales. 

Every Wednesday for many, many years I would get a delicious, Rosie made cupcake. I still think hers are the best - honestly there is something about them that I just haven't found in store bought. Since all my siblings went to the same elementary school I was eating cupcakes well into high school. Woot.

Fun fact - I would show up at the sale to hang with my mama or just to pick up a cupcake or two (you know, to support the PTA) and my mom would call her friends over to watch "Rachel's trick". I can shove a whole cupcake, frosting and all, in my mouth without getting any on my face. Kind of gross, but when you have limited talents you really cling to stuff like shoving pastries in your pie hole.

See you soon Sprinkles!


Lizzie - The Dancing Toad Blog said...

hahahahaha.. I just laughed so hard. I LOVE those kinds of talents.

rachel.a.rasmussen said...

I went to the Sprinkles in Scottsdale because it was *the thing* to do . . . it's like ordering cupcakes from the Soup Nazi - very scary experience. And they are NOT worth the $4.50 price tag . . . they're smaller than the ones you bake at home! I am curious as to what you think of them though! Please share with us once you go!!

Kristy said...

I have a confession... I think Sprinkles cupcakes are gross! Am I the only one? You need to try one and let me know what you think.