Thursday, March 3, 2011

Trendy Potter

How cool are these pillows?!? Will someone with actual creative talent please make them for me?

I had a long Harry Potter talk last night with Mr.X and he admitted that only now will he consider reading the series. Apparently the hysteria has calmed down enough for him to not feel like he's following a trend. Gross. I say, Harry is not a trend, Harry has staying power therefore accept it and start the wizarding love.

There are plenty of regrettable trends (ahem, Ed Hardy)(no, I never. Don't you worry) but this is Harry we're talking about. Granted, it's not the most academic writing, but it's imaginative and enjoyable! 

Harry for Life.


Dani & Jake said...

1- harry is not a trend. Harry is a way of life
2- im stealing this and re-posting. with a link of course :)

Eliza said...

:) I want one of those pillows. My key chain right now is a Lego Harry Potter.

rachel.a.rasmussen said...

Is Mr. X your version of Boy? :) PLEASE SAY YES!!!