Friday, April 1, 2011

email love

I got this in my inbox this week -

Thanks! I wish you eternal life! Death does not exist anyway! You got to live life free and independent! You do not need illusions of others! They will just use you and do whatever they want!Love is thought to bring energy to life
My name is Julian Stelian Jugarean. I can destroy terrorism by love. I donate my organs and blood, for adherents of al-Qaida to retentional life to destroy disbelief. Send a message to your politicians, for a transplant law to vote. If all people see on television or the Internet, only then can one understand the truth of eternal life. From Iuly, we are at the European Parliament, have an open letter to Pope Benedict XVI sent the press and informirt about it, and they are silent. None of these, want destroy terrorism?
The control of their lives have no Interese that they get the truth about eternal life, because otherwise they will be free and independent! Ask our names when we are still free, not silenced and not suppressed!
Talk to your friends and help with their contribution.
You can lose nothing, but all win!

Of course there were links and youTube videos attached, but I didn't open them - I don't need to learn that lesson twice! (kidding)

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