Monday, April 25, 2011

Fair is Fair is Fair

There's a cheap (i.e. scary) fair in town until May 1st. I love fairs, did you know this about me?

I learned that I'm awful at the dart game, even when the carnie lets me play for free!

How beautiful are ferris wheels?!?!

Nate, Devon and Sam. Too cute for words!

Fair food is a must. A must! Since this was a smaller fair, the selection was a bit limited, but still satisfied my need for fair food for at least a few months.

The reason I called it scary was because traveling fairs excite me and freak me out at the same time. They are far too mobile for my comfort. Um, hello - rides that are disassembled and reassembled every few days or weeks scares me to death! It doesn't stop me, but it sure does give me a fright!

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