Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pippi? Puh-lease

(image taken from Amazon)

I am obsessed with Netflix. I definitely feel like my $10 per month is well spent.

Two days ago I was sorting through tax stuff so I decided to throw on a movie to listen to because I most likely have adult onset ADD and therefore need constant stimulus. And multi-tasking, always multi-tasking. I figured that a kid's movie would be a good choice because I wouldn't be bogged down with complicated story lines and dreamy actors that deserved my attention.

When I was younger I loved this movie so since it was available to watch instantly, I thought I'd relive the memories. I wasn't expecting much, just validation that I had good taste in movies as a child. No big deal.


I am dumber now for having watched/listened to 'The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking".
How disappointing! I was hoping for a little nostalgia, like with 'The Goonies' or 'The Sandlot' (mmmmm....Benny......). Sad. I didn't even finish it.

You better believe I won't let my kids watch that garbage. Thanks a lot, mom!
(I have to throw her under the bus because she reads my blog now)
(Hi Mom!)


Jerilyn said...

ha, I LOVED Pipi too! I was even her for Halloween one year, orange hair with a wire hanger and all. Looks like i won't be watching this any time soon though, thanks for taking one for the team :) (I blame my mother too.)

McCall B. said...

That is funny because I keep thinking that I should watch that too for old times sake! How funny. Thanks for the head up.
As a return favor, if you are ever thinking about streaming a netfilx documentary about body modification (Flesh and Blood), DON'T! I was prepared to be disturbed by the weird things people do to their bodies, but I was not prepared for watching the "modifications" people do to their, umm... reproductive parts. I didn't finish this one either.

Kati said...

Wow, I did that too! A few months ago I was like hmm, this is on here and watched for a few minutes and then was like really??? Definitley not one of those kids movies that is still fun when you're an adult!