Monday, May 9, 2011

Movie Monster

I have been going to the movies like crazy lately! Anyone who knows me knows how much I love going to the movies so I'm glad that we're coming into summer with all the blockbusters. The last couple of weeks I have seen -

Water for Elephants (I am SO Team Edward now!)
Prom (seriously one of the worst best last minute decisions I've made in a while)
Fast Five (exactly what I expected, oh boy did we have fun!)
Thor (good, not great)
Something Borrowed (ahhhhh, a GOOD romantic comedy, finally!)

Now the goal is to find a good drive-in theater around here. Summer means outside activities and drive-ins rank at the top of my summer fun list. Kristy and I used to spend A LOT of time at the South Bay drive-in when I still lived in San Diego and she was still single. We would take her Jeep Liberty, throw loads of pillows and blankets in the back, stop at VONS and get dinner (a rotisserie chicken, a loaf of french bread, chocolate milk and a pint of Ben & Jerry's each) (what little piggies). It was the best of times!

What movies are you excited about this summer?


Anonymous said...

Am so glad to hear this! I've got water for elephants and something borrowed on my "to see" list :)xx

Kristy said...

Oh yay for drive-ins! I miss going! Why aren't there drive-ins anymore? It pains me. I have not seen any of those movies, but want to. Tom saw Fast Five with buddies and was very entertained. Cheesy, bad acting, fast cars, amazing. Now I can't wait to see Something Borrowed. And yes, what little piggies we were! But it all tasted so good!