Thursday, May 26, 2011

Trip Picture OVERLOAD

I had a wonderful time in San Diego!  Instead of breaking this up into several different posts I just decided to do a picture dump on one. This is mainly for my mom anyway because most of the people who read my blog are also Facebook friends so you can see most of these pictures there.

Friday morning I took my friend's bike out for a ride around Pacific Beach.

We (the bike and I) started with some straight up legit Mexican food.

Then, without reason, the bike steered me straight to Mr. Frosties! I had no control!

I got my usual Chocolate Mint Oreo shake. It comes with an Oreo on top. My friend Kristy taught me to push it to the bottom so it gets all soggy and you have the deliciousness waiting for you at the bottom. Imagine my surprise when I found another one! Double soggy Oreos are like double rainbows. A blessing.

Then down to the pier to another old haunt. Kono's - the best breakfast in town. GO.

Friday afternoon my friends and I headed up to Huntington Beach for the weekend. We started with an Angels game! iheartbaseball

Very cool ballpark.

Oh Mormons, you crack me up...

Gorgeous, fun, amazing, intelligent, attractive friends Jamie and Natalie

The Angels won 9-0. I think I'm a good luck charm.

After the game we all went to Joe Petrucci's for ice cream and Italian ice. I got a Joe Latti - Italian ice and soft serve......I might fly back just for this amazingness. Oh. So. Good.

Saturday afternoon at Huntington Beach

Friendly friends! Micah, Kristen, Natalie, Mitch, Alicia, Rosey, Holly, Jamie and Kate.

Monday at Santana's eating 2 fish tacos. Most of my trip revolved around eating....I don't think that's a problem ;)

This is more for my family's benefit. Mom! Look! Thrifty's ice cream! Better than I remember!

I used to go to the gliderport to sit and think. I love it there, I think next time I visit I'm going to have to actually try hang gliding. 

Trash can as a flower pot - how San Diego

Tuesday I went to lunch with my good friend, Rhonda. Check out the Santa Fe - 1830 calories! I can't believe I didn't get a photo of us together. Next time!

Mission Bay

Cool car in Pacific Beach

Last night in SD I went to sushi and Yogurtland with some friends. Delish!

Rosey, Natalie, Kristen and Mitch

Finally! A picture of me to prove I was there.

If you have never been to San Diego - start planning one now! It's such a cool place and the people can't be beat. I'm happy to be back to DC but San Diego will always be a big part of me.

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I can't wait to go in Sept.

Desperate for some sand and surf and GOOD FOOD.