Sunday, June 5, 2011

Re-Do, Please

This was 'first dinner' on Friday night. No joke. Here's the thing, last week was not so great and it all kind of came crashing down on Friday. Devon is amazing is all I have to say. It wasn't all bad, there were definitely a couple bright spots.

1 - I got to talk to Ashley twice! We even talked for over 40 minutes both times which is kind of a record for me because I HATE talking on the phone
2 - the trip to Bethany Beach with my unofficial dating advisor, Kraig. 
3 - an unexpected, yet delightful visitor bearing deliciousness on Wednesday night (thank you SO much)

I can easily let a cruddy week ruin my weekend but Devon talked some sense into me and we forged on with our plans for dinner and karaoke. Oh yeah - there are pictures.....
Johnny Rockets - yes, this is mine. Yes, I just finished showing you a picture of eating ice cream. I don't think I have a problem. It was more of a tragedy than anything because my Chocolate Madness shake wasn't very chocolatey. 'Twas madness, I tell you!

On to karaoke....

Saturday afternoon Devon and I went into DC for Shake Shack and to walk around DuPont Circle. I was dressed very Americana that day. I was also wearing a blue scarf with white polka dots. I'm sure with the camera + red/white/blue I must have looked like the ultimate tourist.

I just really like this photo

Shake Shack

Washington Monu-Mint shake......

Would you get a load of this girl?!?! It is a pleasure taking her picture.

This guy was walking around the fountain at DuPont Circle and he sat down next to this lady and just started talking to her. She removed her headphones and said, "What is wrong with you?". Ha!

After DC I dropped Devon at home and headed down to Gravelly Point to digest what had transpired last week and what lies ahead for me this week. It's a park where you can watch the planes land at Reagan National Airport and just a beautiful place to think. I like places like that.

Can you see the landing strip?

All done complaining and showing you pictures of ice cream. I hope you have a wonderful week and that you got spiritually fed today.

*love you*


Aaron Smyth said...

I'm glad #3 was a happy thing. Maybe a #3 re-do this week, but with ice cream or Dairy Godmother instead of Levain's cookies?

Ashley said...

I lurve when you comment about me on your blog! Love you times a billion. I think a redo of #1 is in order and I agree with this Aaron Smyth as well. Redo of #1 and #3. Dairy Godmothers? Really? That place sounds like it could fix anything. IEYUILYS

Rachel Powell said...

Psh, you know you are hot stuff lady!
Ps. I was blog stalking you at work, and my guy coworkers were like "wow, she's pretty. What nationality is she?" It made me laugh since we both can relate to that.

Devon said...

"i specialize in major transformations..." kidding. you're remarkable :)