Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summa Time = Slurpee Time

I had 3 last week and I wish I had made it 4.  Who doesn't love Slurpees? While they are available year round, I don't seem to indulge during any season other than summer. I'm some what of a purist - wild cherry all the way. When I was just a young lass I would mix the flavors and slurp the days away while reading from my summer book list and not playing outside.

I always looked forward to July 11th because the 7-11 in our neighborhood would give away free slurpees in honor of the date. My mom (being awesome and such) would take us to the library and 7-11 every week during summer vacation. It was such a thrilling thing to look forward to. Learning during the summer.....who doesn't look forward to that? Rosie made sure to always take us on July 11th for that free Slurpee and to chat up Randy, our 7-11 worker friend.

Dang it. I've already brushed my teeth and gotten ready for bed and now I really want a Slurpee. Tomorrow I might have to double up!

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