Monday, June 27, 2011

When Kate Comes to Town

My good friend, Kate, came to town this weekend. She's the one that I lived with for a short time and went to St Thomas and Ireland with. I will actually be going to NYC next weekend to see her again! We like each other a little bit.

Kate is my sugar sister. We love all things ice cream, candy, cupcake, etc.
So of course we started Saturday with a big ole' cupcake. Yum!

Serendipity 3 is now in Georgetown so a visit was in order

Ugh. She and Devon are the worst! They never pose for me!

There's my baby. Forbidden Broadway Sundae - quadruple yum!
They have the very best whipped cream on Earth.
True story.

Devon got Humble Pie.
The biggest thing to ever be served on a plate.
Basically pure peanut butter.

I wanted to die. Yuck.
Still love her though.

Devon and I love cooking so we decided to gather some inspiration and make a delicious meal.
Isn't her salad gorgeous?!?

Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries......oh dear, I might make these everyday and feel happy about gaining 27 lbs.

Black Bean Tortilla Pie - another win! So good!

Crashed Potatoes

Caramel Apple Pie.....we do dinner right!


rachel.a.rasmussen said...

Ok, so now that I'm married and have to feed another human being, it's a bit stressful. Mind sending me the stuffed cream cheese strawberries and the black bean tortilla pie receipe? (I'll never be able to spell that word).

Much thanks on the wild west front.

P.S. jealous of your life, had a bit of a come apart when I heard you were going to China . . . think Ryan thought I was bummed to be married and not live such a fabulous life anymore :)

in morse code said...

thanks for making my mouth drool. talk about everything yummy in one post! yep, i'm wiping off drool.

Great Scott's! said...

um, yum! I want the tortilla recipe! I'm like drooling over here!! And I miss you. And Maria looks amazing. And you look happy. And I'm glad you are livin it up! The End.

Anonymous said...

NOM! Can I come hang out with you??
I might have to eat massive peanut butter pie though, will that cause problems? There is a massive absence of peanut butter anything (other than, you know, in a jar) in this country.