Monday, July 4, 2011

America's Birthday

Kate and I started the day with brunch at Sarabeth's. I had a mighty fine meal of fluffy french toast - num!

We met up with her roommates and went to Highline.
It's the old train tracks that used to be responsible for shuttling meat to and from the meat packing district. Now it's a beautiful boardwalk sort of park.

Kate's roommate, Kim. I might love her.

Kate, me, and Oertel
Kate might love Michael Jackson.

Never fear, Brooklyn is here!
We decided to go to Brooklyn for Grimaldi's Pizza and a jaunt across the bridge.

Dessert before dinner

Sooooo goooood. So, so good. Grimaldi's in Brooklyn. GO.

After we crossed the bridge we dragged our sweaty bums home for a bit and then headed back out to watch the fireworks. My favorite part? Hearing the kids excitement over the fireworks. I wish we all still felt that way!

I hope you all had a happy and safe Independence Day!


lds housing said...
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Kim Blatter said...

This is adorable! Don't leave! Come back and visit soon :)

Devon said...

Kate's MJ shirt! So happy she got it, so worth the order, so excited to see you back in DC!

Kaitlyn Flanagan said...

I am in love with your life!

Madi said...

excuse me! i live 5 blocks down from kim and hang out with her all the time!

freak if i would have been here we totally would have hung out!!!

Hope you liked my hood, i thoroughly enjoyed yours!