Monday, July 11, 2011

Fine, I'll Play Along

The ever fabulous Aubry posted this a while ago. I loved it! It took me back to middle school when I would read every word printed in 'Seventeen' and 'Teen Beat'. I can't be alone in this, right?

Read her post here!

name:  Rachel Johnson
hometown:  San Diego, CA
current project: avoiding insanity due to lack of sugar, honing my cooking skills, and finally getting my room looking good
my style, in a word: simple
my first serious splurge: Fashion splurge? Hasn't happened yet (I'm coming for you, Kate Spade). Adult splurge? Camera
a trend i wish i never tried: the dreaded white scrunchie
a trend i hope never ends: classic blue jeans, cute shoes, and a white shirt - loooove it
on my last date i wore: pass. only because I'm not exactly sure if the last date I went on was actually a date or not.....but typically I keep it pretty conservative ( oh heeeeey cardigan!)
the best style advice i ever got: whatever you wear, wear it with a smile! Smiling girls are always beautiful
one beauty product i can't live without: anti-frizz serum for these lovely humid summer months
beauty tip my mother taught me: ......uh, Rosie, can ya help me out with this one? Um, homemade matching dresses are.......awesome....?
the most glamorous moment of my life: a certain black tie interpreting job that I am not at liberty to discuss
my favorite chain store: Target. Seriously, I would move in if they would let me. Clothes/accessories only - don't have one
my favorite style blog: The Daybook. The only one I follow and I think she's moving away from being a fashion blog and just becoming an everyday sorta blog
whose closet i'd most like to raid: Kate Middleton - and I'd also like to request a similar waist size
what would someone learn about you from seeing inside your closet: Wow. That is A LOT of black and grey. 
i wish i had the nerve to wear: eye shadow and big earrings! lame, I know.
i feel beautiful when: I'm happy

Play along! What is your fashion voice screaming?

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aubry. said...

yessssss..... i love that you did this.

and for the record, i can't STANDDDDDD the daybook. she drives me bonkers. she loves herself enough for all of us.

but i read. everyday.