Monday, July 18, 2011

Michelle Obama

I really admire our First Lady. 
She is classy, down to Earth, and a huge advocate for healthy lifestyles - especially with the youth.

I can't imagine that being in her position is easy, but she has faced this head on and is making the most of  her time in the spotlight. She does the unthinkable, unimaginable yet truly inspired thing of wearing clothes that are affordable to most and she does so with grace. As someone who is photographed nearly everyday she's not wasteful like so many celebrities (ahem....Lady Gaga). 

I love how concerned she is about the epidemic of obesity amongst children. She's not focused on the adults facing these issues but is directing most of her attention to the next generation. Get to the root, ya know?

I love her! Now that I'm in the area, I wonder if she'd go to lunch with me.....


rachel garber said...

You can erase this comment but I am actually shocked that you like her so much. I am usually more of a lefty than some but she rubs me the wrong way. The way she always looks annoyed, that makes me the most irritated by her. I loved me some Laura Bush and her country girl charm. This new lady is another story . . .

BUT I still love you!

Erica said...

Rachel??!! Really?? I can't STAND her! I think she is the least classy first lady we have had. I can't wait for the day when I won't have to see her face plastered on everything.

Love you! :)