Sunday, July 31, 2011

Word Play

I love words. I love playing with them out loud, in ASL, and more often than not, in my head. Since I'm out and about most days, I will play play play all day. Normally I'll see a longish (7+ letters) and deconstruct/reconstruct it in mi cabeza for an hour or so. If this sounds like I'm describing OCD or may be right. I take the word and look at the individual letters and see how many words I can make from them. Example - general:

glean, real, glen, range, anger, near, earn, ale, are, era, ear, rage, lane, lean.......
I'm sure there are more but that will do for illustrating my point. 

What gets me really excited are words where you can use all the letters when spelling more words. For example - 

danger - garden - gander - ranged
live - vile - evil - veil
coins - icons - sonic - scion
stare - tears - rates - tares
steak - skate - takes - stake

Yeah, that's a thrill for me. Judge away. Granted, this superpower makes me decent at word games but other than that, it's just not marketable. 


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