Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hidden Gem

Portugal is one of the most amazing places I have ever been to! Why is this not a more popular travel destination?? We figure that none of the cities here have an equivalent to the Eiffel Tower, Parthenon, etc but Lisbon has proved to be a treasure in it's own right. It doesn't need one major tourist attraction, the whole place is just lovely! As one girl in the hostel described it, "Lisbon has heart". If I were a city I would hope to be described in such a manner.

We went to church today and it was something else, in a good way. I cried 3 times if that helps you understand a bit more. When we were getting ready to leave we stopped to chat with the missionaries (one from Tennessee and one from Utah) and a man approached us and in broken English said, " are.....home".

Tears. And more tears. And more tears as I write this.

Headed to Barcelona tomorrow!
Love you and see (some of you) SOON

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in morse code said...

I am totally living through you with all your updates of where you've been. Incredible trip! p.s. thanks for letting me guest post. you're a "gem" ha get it??