Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Istanbul, Day Two

We took a half day boat cruise up the Bosphorus to the Black Sea. There was disembarked for about 2 hours and wandered around thıs little community on the edge of Istanbul. We hiked up to the ruins of a fortress only to find that it şs closed for excavation. Boo. Still beautiful, but boo.

Back in town we went to Taksim Square - a long pedestrian walkway full of shops and performers. We went into a tile and dıshware shop and pretty quickly a worker (possibly owner) came up to us to chat/haggle/insult Brıtta. You know, the usual stuff.

As we were leaving he looked at me and said, "Can I tell you something? I don't mean to be complimentary like a saleman or anything, but you look like a Hollywood actress. Who do people tell you you look like?"

I chuckled and said that I have heard I look like Julia Roberts and Lea Mıchele. He said, "No no, none of those. Anyway, you have a very dıfferent look, very interesting."

Luckily, Brıtta was there to save my self esteem by sayıng, "A unique beauty".

To whıch he agreed and then said, "yes, a unıque beauty, not common like your friend. She is common but perfect".

And now we're up and getting ready for day 3 in Istanbul! The Blue Mosque, Hagıa Sophia and Grand Bazaar await!

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kristin.rené.hodge said...

Ha! This cracked me up. Those Turks have a way with backhanded compliments... "common and perfect" I can only imagine the bliss of your Bosphorus to Black Sea trip. Oh, NMN, the jealousy is oozing out of my pores!