Friday, August 12, 2011

It's Danica!

Hey there! No, it’s not Rachel. I know, I know, But don’t go just yet! My name is Danica and I will be your guest blogger for today. Please keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle, and buckle up! … Gross. I'm sorry. That was so cliché.

I am honored that Rachel asked me to be here and I will do my best to keep her blog comfortable and happy while she is away. I don’t really have much to say – at least, not something worthy enough to fill up someone else’s blog with. So I guess I will just give you an idea of what goes on over on my little blog {Insert a cool, catchy blog name and I will pretend along with you that that is indeed it’s name}.


I’ve got a cute husband named Jake, and an adorable miss Hadley who is almost 1 year old. No pets just yet, but they will come. Next on the list in order of importance is my love for Harry Potter (I’m joking… except not really). I’m a cloth diaper convert, turning addict. I don’t plan on fixing that addiction though. I don’t sleep much, thanks to that wonderful baby I love so much. I have a weird obsession with most animals, but especially kitties.  I Skype more than is probably healthy. I lose/forget everything. Simple things make me the happiest –Joshua Radinfamily timefood, and Rachel Johnson. Let’s not forget that great girl.

That brings me to my last bit of information (I promise I’m almost done). Did you know that Rachel and I are actually twins separated at birth? Don’t get caught up in the fact that we were born in different years, that is just a hoax. Don’t believe me? Watch.  We are both from California – We both pin the most amazing cat pictures. In fact if you look at both of our pin boards, you would think that I just sit back and re-pin everything she originally pins… which maybe I do. – We understand each other’s love for SYTYCD – We both use the phrase “I want to go to there,” and have a love for 30 Rock. – Harry Potter. Nuff said. – And don’t get me started on the whole ASL thing.  Are you starting to catch on? This is more than coincidence people. Maybe one day if she ever moves back to this great state of Utah we will get everything sorted out.

Well, that is going to be it y’all. Thanks for letting me invade and blab about myself. Rachel, hope you are safe and having fun!  Will you tag me in a picture on The Great Wall of China??

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