Thursday, September 15, 2011

No Rain in Spain

Britta and I said our goodbyes in Lisbon and I traveled to Barcelona by myself for two and a half days. Best. Decision. Ever. 

I spent those days wearing the tread off my shoes by wandering around the city. Every street I marveled, every alley was exciting (although commonplace to them), my Spanish still stinks, but I loved every second. I feel like if you want a peek at my heart - go to Spain. A little dramatic, I know, but it was love at first sight. I will be going back!

View from my hostel

The best! Everyday, and soooooo worth it.
My justification was that I walked a lot.

Casa de Batllo - I will be doing a separate post about the designer Antoni Gaudi because I went to two of his buildings and they deserve their own. (and then soon after that I'll be done with trip postings, I promise)

A girl, a bird, in a plaza. Ain't no thang!

Just one of those streets. Nothing to see. Everything to see.

Someone lives there. I want to live there.

I went to a farmers market. Of course I took a picture of candy, wouldn't you?

Just some hotel. Too cool.

Christopher Colombus statute
"America is.........that way!"

This is for Devon, she'll know why
(six European dudes dipping their feet into the water!)

La Rambla in Barcelona. A huge pedestrian street with performers, artists, vendors, etc. I rambled quite a bit

You know when you're on the metro, you get to your stop and you come up to ground level and see this? I do.

I only had a night in Madrid - big mistake! There are these big plazas all over the city and that's where people hang out at night.

I need more time in Madrid, my one night left me wanting SO much more!

No pictures of me in Spain, just a passport stamp. 


Devon said...

Thank you for that picture. Just...thank you.

Suzie said...

You are SO brave to travel like that! I am so SO jealous of you and all your adventures!

Aaron Smyth said...

Is that a croissant dipped in chocolate? I'd go to Spain for that alone! The awesome people and architecture would be a nice bonus, I suppose.