Wednesday, October 26, 2011

3 things

1 - drink lots of hot chocolate
2 - laugh, what else is there to do? (I've had lost luggage 3 times - St Thomas, Hong Kong, Istanbul)
3 - I don't handle that part of decorating

This mini survey can't possibly tell you any more about me than you already knew. I'm a lazy, passive girl with a sweet tooth. Nice to meet you.


Ashley said...

Rainy Day: I celebrate! Rainy days are my very favorite and I think they are the bestest of all :)
Lost Luggage: It only happened once, I had been on a plane for many hours and so was tragically inclined to cry, just a little bit, on the way home....then I got over it.
Tangled Christmas Lights: Detangling project! Decorating for Christmas should never be taken so seriously that one would become angry over tangles.


Aubrey said...

This made me laugh just a little. I freak out about all of the above...probably means I need to relax a little.