Saturday, October 1, 2011

the help

For such a big fan of the book you would have thought that I would have seen this movie three times already! I finally got around to seeing it this week. I went by myself - bliss - and it was perfect because I was alone with the movie and my thoughts. I cried. Let me tell you, I cried and cried. I had my phone out (annoying, I know) so that I could take notes on the spot, right in the moment I thought them. Here they are:

i cry because....
...I will never truly know the despair or the hope of a whole community
...I can never know the experience of living in a different skin color
...I want to understand that experience
...this story is not fiction, the hatred continues it's just not as obvious
...some people preach about loving everyone as God's children but then don't practice what they preach
...everyone is smart, kind, important - no matter what
...I have never had to fight so hard for equality for myself, yet it is a huge part of other people's daily experience
....the innocence of children is SO beautiful
...that innocence is so fleeting
....I don't understand. I just don't.

and lastly - 
I cry because so many people will leave the theater not having learned a single thing

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Erica said...

Loved the movie, LOVE the quote. :)