Monday, October 24, 2011

Kayla + Eric

My insanely gorgeous/talented/smart/funny roommate asked me to take her bridals and a couple shots of her and her fiance last weekend. Kayla is an actual photographer - people pay her to take their photos. We used my camera a bit, but mainly used hers because everything about hers is better. So what I'm saying is that these are unedited, off my rinky dink camera, and Kayla is gorgeous. That's what I'm saying.

For more pictures from her camera check out her blog here
(I took the pictures, she provided the camera and mad editing skillz)


kristin.rené.hodge said...

4th and 6th one down: oh wow gorgeousness! Our roomie is stunning.

Kayla said...

um that was WAY TOO MUCH FLATTERY TONE IT DOWN. man i just threw up in my mouth =)