Thursday, October 6, 2011

Le Mis = Le Love

In a very, very last minute decision I went to see Les Miserables at the Kennedy Center last night. It was my first time seeing it (I know, I know) and I LOVED IT. LOVED.

I knew the story and a couple of the songs but there is nothing like seeing it all put together as a stage play. I was surprised at how funny it was in certain places! And confession time - I always cry at the end of plays/musicals. I just really appreciate how much time and effort these people have had to put in to their craft. Cue tears.

Yep, just Megan, Kate and me. We had a ball!

Megan and I like to speak in British accents (please now read the rest of this post in an accent). On the shuttle to the Kennedy Center we ended up chatting with Ernie G from L.A. and he asked where I was from. Kent, England. It just slipped out! 

Anyone know any good trivia about Kent, England? I do, I do!
(Deaf Studies friends, y'all better know what I'm talking about)

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