Monday, October 10, 2011

Sooooo Photogenic

This weekend was our annual retreat for my singles ward (church congregation, not a mental hospital wing devoted to the non-married). We went up to Camp Greentop which is right next to Camp David and joy of all joys - the Obamas were there for the long weekend (thanks so much, Columbus). Roads were closed, helicopters hovered and had there guns at the ready. How relaxing for us.

Here are some pictures of the ones I love -

Megan and Sam. Photos of all of us gazing into each others' eyes are VERY common

Oh look - Devon dancing. That's not common, but catching it on film is!

Daron walking up to us looking like this was not a surprise in the least. Yes, that's a headband under the crown

Obligatory nature picture

Abbey! I love this girl! And me, the brownette

Where Megan goes, so does her tutu (homemade!)

This is probably the best representation of what is always happening with us. Devon looking smashing, Nate dreaming of some one on one time with Reese (she's Reese Witherspoon and I'm Julia Roberts) and Abbey being a background creeper

A caboose by a lake. Why not?

I found a snake on the road and named him Nathan


We are a very serious, introspective group

The only one where everyone looks somewhat normal
David, Marj, Sam, Megan, Nate

Rachel, Megan, Abbey, me

They did ward standouts like you do in high school yearbooks. In high school I was "Most Huggable" (check out that post here). At the ward retreat I "won" Most was my acceptance speech, almost verbatim -

"I take issue with this award because what you're basically saying is that I'm busted in real life but somehow that comes out nicely in photos. Thanks to all who voted"....

.....I don't know if people caught that I was 90% joking....

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