Wednesday, November 30, 2011


My buddy came to this side of the country a couple weeks ago for a conference so I went and hung out with him for a day. We went to the Inner Harbor in Baltimore and I loved it so much that it then inspired the day trip that Devon and I took the next week. 

This is in their memorial to 9/11. It is the top story of a tall building that overlooks the city and this part of the memorial has all of the names of the victims.

The original USS Constellation is docked there and is now a museum

There are signs guiding you to it and I was really excited to see the ship because my dad was stationed on the USS Constellation in San Diego. When we turned the corner and saw this I had to check my memory to make sure he was actually on it. Yes, he was, and the two now look VERY different.

The Inner Harbor has some really cool buildings and lots of amazing history

Oh hey, Judd. It was fun, buddy!

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Kristine LaMay said...

That memorial looks outstanding, but overwhelming to see each and every name.