Sunday, November 6, 2011

Our New Obsession

Devon found this boy band from England, One Direction. WE.ARE.OBSESSED. I am going to marry Louis (striped shirt, red pants), we're in love. Fact. He's almost 20 so it's totally fine. Devon's boyfriend is Liam, the lead singer with the shaggy/curly hair. Totally darling, but he's no Louis.

Kristin's boyfriend said that if boys were gathered around the computer screaming and calling dibs on a tween girl group they would be labeled perverts. Welp, that's not the case so, who cares! Not being labeled a perv because of my gender is alright with me.

I'm partially devastased because while this is available on YouTube it is not yet available on iTunes. Dev - a - state - ed. I guess I'll just have to fly over to England and find them.


Dani & Jake said...

ohhh no no no. I don't need to marry one, but can I join in on the obsessing??

kristin.rené.hodge said...

Admittedly, that song is adorable.

Jesse&Amber said...

I totally love it!