Friday, December 9, 2011

Why I Like the Fall

I definitely do not like the cold. Fall is just a cruel reminder that the sunny, carefree days of summer are over and soon we will be faced with frozen noses and toeses (you like how I forced that rhyme? neither). Well I suppose Fall is now pretty much over and the bleakness of winter is descending upon us. I promise, the negative tone of this post is going to turn around very soon. So despite all these horrid reasons to dislike Fall, I have some reasons to be somewhat onboard with the season. 

I like the colored leaves -

I like reasons to guzzle hot cocoa - 

but I especially like.....

All your favorite shows returning with new episodes and brand new series to fall in love with! *happy sigh* I am a TV junkie so the past couple months have been great! There are some pretty great new series to get addicted to, so let's discuss. My new favorites are:

Once Upon a Time
New Girl
Allen Gregory

and the winningest winner of all -

How about you? (Come over any time and watch TV with me, nothing gets you to soulmate status faster than having *good taste in TV)

*good meaning my same taste in television. it may not actually signify that you have good taste because i sometimes doubt that i do

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Jerilyn said...

yes! And I LOVE "Happy Endings." Its brilliant. Just brilliant.