Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2012 Theme

again, nothing to do with the post. i just really love it here

Two years ago I decided to have a theme for the year, rather than resolutions. For some reason I think a theme will be easier to follow through on......don't question my logic, it works for me. Last year's theme was to take more risks. I feel satisfied with my effort and I am happily back in my comfort zone but grateful for the experiences and what I learned.

2012 is all about MONEY. I am a fritterer extraordinaire and it is bad. Bad, bad, bad. I never think twice about getting something from Starbucks, a $13 shirt from Target, or eating out once or twice a day. Yeah, gross. Casually throwing away $5-$20 several times a day is just juvenile and I'm over it. And I am morbidly curious about how much money I can save this year.

The crazy, scary, unimaginable plan I have come up with is to primarily live using a cash budget. I have a specific amount set aside for necessities every month. If it's not a necessity, it's not in the budget. SCARY! I started after the first full week of the month and it has been startling to see how much I used to give in to every urge. 

My dad says that a budget may seem restrictive but what it really does is ends up freeing you. 

2012 - year of freedom

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Aubrey said...

Love it! Two of my goals this year are to take risks and spend less.