Thursday, January 12, 2012

Georgetown Love

I will always take visitors to Georgetown. Period. It's pretty much my favorite place in DC and they have the best treats there. Quite an easy decision if you ask me!

We started in Paper Source. Yep. Started the tour in a paper store.....where we managed to stay for over 40 minutes and had to talk each other down from spending WAY too much money. We could have spent that time on just the card section alone, however we had to hustle over to Baked and Wired to meet Devon.

Oh hello, Peppermint Patty cupcake. This is the best cupcake place in DC, hands down. Everyone got the perfect cupcake for them and while we all offered to share, I think the mutual feeling was "keep your dirty hands off my treat!"

We finished the tour at Dean and Deluca. Always so much to look at! 

This was one of my favorite nights of Becca's visit. Lots of favorites all in one spot - what's better than that?!?

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