Monday, January 16, 2012


When Becca was here we made the crazy awesome crazyawesome decision to drive to NYC and see Wicked onstage and then turn around and head home. We drove a total of 9 hours and were in NYC for about 4 and a half. WORTH IT!!! We got home at 4am fueled by 5 Hour Energy drinks and Diet Mt Dew. Delicious.

away we go! yes, modeling with a tuna wrap in your hand is the only way to successfully start a trip

rest stop love. we drove through 5 states that day

bright lights, big city

megan's fifth time, my second, becca's first!

even the "cheap" seats are pretty great
elphaba and glinda were amazing! especially my girl, elphaba

i just really like both of them

CONFESSION: every time I go to NYC I desperately hope that I will finally get a ride in the Cash Cab. planning another trip soon, I will make this happen

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