Thursday, January 19, 2012


I am devouring this dish lately! It's super healthy, easy, and most important - it's delicious!

-half a medium sized tomato
-one third or half of a cucumber
-half cup(ish) of sweet corn
-half an avocado
-one third(ish) cup black beans
-dash of salt

mash it all together, yo!

Seriously, I eat this everyday! I have a hard time getting enough protein in my diet so this helps quite a bit and lessens how much fish I have to eat. I feel so vegetarian when I eat it, which practically means that I'm on par with Natalie Portman or Carrie Underwood since they're both vegetarians. Yep, I'm famous.

Try it, if you like those ingredients, you'll love this dish!


Nathan Mulliner (NateGeezy44) said...

Fat kids like me have to triple those portions but its a yummy dish none the less

Nathan Mulliner (NateGeezy44) said...

And yes, you're kind of a big famous deal!

Jesse&Amber said...

That looks amazing. I'm trying it.

Great Scott's! said...

yummy yum yum, and ofcourse you are famous, always have always will be!

Kayla Smith said...

I really want to try this.