Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day Four: Strangers

This is actually a photo I took yesterday, but I'm happy to have these strangers on my blog! I met these missionaries in a Cafe Rio and my mom told me that any time I see missionaries I need to take their picture and send it to their mothers. So I awkwardly did. They were great to chat with and totally obliged my creepy photo request.

I emailed their moms and quite promptly got two grateful replies. They echoed what my mom said, missionary moms LOVE that sort of thing, so I would like to pass the challenge on to you as well!


Kalli said...

I love this idea! My friend Dalene regularly gets facebook pictures and updates from other mothers in her son's England mission. She loves it so much.

Kalli said...
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Jacob and Kimberly Palmer said...

I have never thought of that but it totally makes sense! In utah I might become the crazy picture lady though- there are a ton of missionaries!