Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Newest Burn

Why is it that de-friending someone on Facebook is now such an insult? Think about this scenario -

A: "So and so is such a jerk! I mean, I totally hate her, but she deleted me on Facebook"
B: "That is so immature. Gimme a break, she's so pathetic"

I have heard that over and over again and I'm sick of it! It seems as though we are losing control of not only who our friends are, but also who our "friends" are! If I don't get along with someone, or only met them once or twice, or no longer associate with them - I shouldn't have to keep them as a friend. I have just seen too many people stress out over deleting or being deleted and I think we need to collectively make it a much smaller deal than it is.

I admit, I have made it a big deal in the past, but I promise I won't any more. Now...who's with me?!?!

(please don't delete me, i like you!)


Nathan Mulliner (NateGeezy44) said... didn't mean to delete ME did you?....awkward silence...oh

Aubrey said...

so true! half my FB friends aren't and never were my friends in real life so why am i concerned if they delete or why do i worry so much about deleting them???

kristin.rené.hodge said...

It's no secret- I purge my friends list on a very regular basis. I think it's way less healthy to have to mentally "maintain" casual relationships with people you barely know than to work on developing real ones.


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