Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Brother, the Man

My brother is on a mission for our church in Chile. He will be back this summer!!! I am kind of the world's worst pen pal so I don't always get him an email every week. Here's what I wrote on Sunday,

"I'm sure you're super shocked that I'm emailing because I'm trying to win the award for Worst Sister in the World. How am I doing? Please write my letter of reference detailing what an awful sister I am to the committee who determines the worst sister of the year. I'm sure I will have ample evidence to sweep the awards this year. Yay for me!"

And you know what that punk did to me?

"By the way, in this past week I submitted your name and info to the committee and then to the board of the organization in charge of awarding the world's worst sister award and they actually sent your application back to me with a very rude response about having wasted their time and even included a few choice expressions which are not pertinent to the content of this email so I will congratulate you on your failure of reaching the award. You're actually in the running for the best sister in the world, you and three other of my sisters."

I have never shared his emails with anyone before but I had to take the opportunity to show all 7 people who read my blog that my brother is amazing. He just makes me cry! July can't come soon enough!

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