Sunday, March 11, 2012

Under Control

I need to figure out how to make this my mantra. 

Prime example happened last night. I was at a restaurant with two of my roommates and a group of teenagers walked in and snagged the table next to us. They ordered a group serving of s'mores and within minutes had set a napkin on the point where the young lad had to feverishly stomp it out on the ground. I wish I could have seen my face! It really, really bothered me that they did that. Devon just kept saying, "let it go, let it go" but I was horrified!

Next example was from the same group (shocking, I know) and it involved one of my top pet peeves. One of the boys refilled his water cup with soda! He didn't pay for that! The nerve! I really am getting old, aren't I? 

Why I let these things bother me is beyond my understanding, but I have to stop letting these sorts of situations get to me. Things that are completely out of my control, that don't alter my life whatsoever, should not take up so much mental space.

I feel another personal challenge coming on......


Devon said...

Well put. But truly, those kids were heathens.

Amber said...

I really really really feel your pain.

maybe i'll take this challenge as well or as my husband kindly puts it "get a grip, girl!"