Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter With the Babies

I flew in on Easter Sunday and was welcomed by the best nieces and nephews in the world! They made this amazing sign (totally made me cry - you shocked by that?) and each of them had to point out which letters they were in charge of coloring.

Oh for cute! My dad had this rock engraved for an anniversary gift - so sweet!


Grant's smile face has turned into a grimace lately but I think I got a couple pictures of upturned corners of the mouth at some point. He's just at such a yummy stage of life right now!

And Miss Haven has been losing teeth like a boxing champ! She looks so much like my sister, Elisabeth, I'm jealous

Dying eggs with children is........interesting? Is stressful?

Naomi getting it done!

Porter, Naomi, Elisabeth and Haven

This little girl loves being in front of the camera and has been posing up a storm lately!

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Great Scott's! said...

How have we not had a conversation about how both of our fathers are names GARY~ This somehow changes things.