Thursday, April 12, 2012

Naomi Says....

On Monday I went to lunch with my mom, sister and her four children. The conversation eventually turned to cooking and I lamented the fact that I don't have anyone to cook for. My sister said that I am welcome to come to her house any time and do all the cooking. I turned to my niece, Naomi, who is four and asked, "Should I do that? Should I come cook for you?"

With all the brightness of the sun she nodded and said, "Any time!"

I immediately buried my face in my hands to cover up the crocodile tears that had begun their quick descent down my face. Cried and cried like a big baby in a Cafe Rio because I just love them so much. Any time would be every day if it were possible.

I think my crying started to scare my niece and my sister noticed that so she said, "I think Aunt Rachel needs a hug".

Sweet Naomi put her arms around me and exclaimed, "Tickle tickle!". What would have been a more appropriate exclamation would have been "Honk honk!" because that dear little girl gave my right boob two bitty squeezes instead of the intended hug. 

My sadness turned to uncontrollable laughter in a split second. We sat there laughing that silent, ab sculpting sort of laugh for a couple minutes. You know which one I'm talking about. Naomi didn't understand but she seemed quite happy that I was no longer crying.

And as my sister noted, at least I can say that I got some action while out here....


Rachel Powell said...

This is the best story ever!

Dave and Lizzie said...

Oh, this is the greatest. SO funny!