Wednesday, May 9, 2012

And Then I Hated Becca

I was  home in between jobs yesterday when I heard the doorbell ring. Let me tell you something about our place - it's kind of in the the middle of nowhere so we all get VERY suspicious when someone shows up unannounced. I almost didn't answer the door.

Good thing I did because I got to meet the delivery driver from Georgetwon Cupcakes who was at my house to deliver a dozen cupcakes to me. I was SO confused! Who was sending me cupcakes? Or maybe they were for my roommate who has the same first and last name as me (seriously, we mix up our mail all the time).

I checked the order form and it was definitely for me, it had my phone number on it.

And then I looked at the love note attached and immediately knew who they were from -

Becca wants to fatten me up before Cancun! I'm telling you, this is straight out of the movie Bride Wars! Becca is an evil genius.

How could I not indulge?

So I did. That girl kills me. My revenge shall be swift and oh so sweet.

Everyone needs an enemy like Becca.
(Next week, Becca! We go next week!!!)


Dani & Jake said...

This makes me happy :) Wish I was on my way to somewhere tropical next week. Have enough fun for the both of us!

Devon said...

maybe that was my breakfast this morning. just maybe.

Hannah Neville McMillan said...

haha I love it!!!

Dave and Lizzie said...

So Awesome.

Jerilyn said...

Sigh. Apparently I need a frenemy.

Aaron S said...

If you need help eating them, I know a guy who can't resist a good cupcake or three...

Kat said...

Oh, cupcakes. I would have eaten at least half of those. I love Becca for doing this!! Amazing. So thoughtful, in a mischevious sort of way. Haha!

rebecca said...

revenge? like the time you pantsed tina milrose in order to beat her out from homecoming queen?

nice try.
i wear pants under my pants.

also... my friend is a paralegal. #sexualharassment #patentpending