Thursday, June 21, 2012

I Love Here

I know I blather on and on about DC all the time but heres a secret.....I don't actually live in DC! Is your mind blown? I thought so. 

Living in DC would take way more money than I care to spend on housing at this point in my life, but I'm always tempted. I live right outside the city in Virginia. It's so close I can actually see it from parts of my neighborhood. 

I commute into the city almost every day for work and I LOVE the hustle and bustle that takes place there. Then to come home to my suburbia at night is tremendously lovely. Northern Virginia is gorgeous! I have never been so enchanted with trees as I am now that I live in a forest.

Come visit!


Jesse&Amber said...

I'll trade you a visit for a visit. We live in total opposite worlds, it's crazy!

Dave and Lizzie said...

Ok, I am so jealous. I want to live there. Hopefully someday....