Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The 'lympics

The Olympics are almost here! I love the Olympics more than I love Christmas. I stay glued to the television the whole time they're on and I normally end up learning a lot about sports that I was previously unfamiliar with, like rhythmic gymnastic. (PS - how is it that softball was cut yet they still have rhythmic gymnastics?!? I don't get it)

It's pretty well documented on this 'ole blog that I really love America so when you combine that love and competition - oh dang. My patriotism reaches all sorts of new heights. Whenever one of our athletes wins a gold medal and is standing on top of the podium with our anthem playing, I may shed a tear or two. Or 324. I am like a proud mama, the emotion spills out through my tear ducts and I turn into a big, slobbery mess. 

My favorite events are: swimming, volleyball, track and field, gymnastics, basketball, and diving. I have so many wonderful memories of watching with my family and rooting together for our teams. Ahhhh, the 'lympics (I have no idea why we sometimes drop the O, but we do) they bring the family and the nation together.

Go Team USA!


Devon said...

"I love the Olympics more than I love Christmas." Not the hugest statement to make Miss one-week-of-christmas-only-please.

However, I look forward to watching you watch the 'lymipcs!

Aaron S said...

I'm 100% with you, Rachel! Love the Olympics, and I can't wait to see our Americans take on the world!

Aaron S said...

And hahaha to Devon's comment. Is it true, you aren't a fan of Christmas, Rachel? I'm shocked!