Friday, July 20, 2012

She's Back!

Fresh off the plane, back from a two year stint in the Peace Corps, we finally have our Meghan back! It's like we haven't missed a beat, did she ever leave us?

I touched down in Salt Lake City at 4pm and Meghan's plane was scheduled to land at 4:22pm....I can't even explain how terrified I was that my flight would be delayed! Wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles - it all worked out.

She's got some culture shock, that's for dang sure, but she's handling it pretty well. The worst part is fielding all the questions from everyone. Poor girl, she can't get away from the question, "So what are your plans?" Homegirl needs time to breathe!

We're so happy to have our girl back! Up next is my brother, Taylor, who will be returning from a two year  mission in Chile. He will be back on July 31st!

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