Thursday, October 18, 2012

Jim Henson

Did you know that Jim Henson went to University of Maryland? I just found this out last week when I was touring the campus. 

(I guarantee my mom loves this photo)

His famous Muppet characters, Waldorf and Statler, were based on two of his cranky professors who didn't support his efforts. Rumor also says that Miss Piggy was based on an ex girlfriend.....but that's just a rumor.

All of this is just so happy and nostalgic but let me make your day even a little bit brighter -

The end slays me!

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Aaron S said...

I love, love, love the Muppets! This post is perfect for a Friday :) Didn't know about the professors being the basis for Stadler & Waldorf, though I may have read the entire How Stuff Works article on Muppets ( Believe me, it's worth the read :D