Monday, October 29, 2012

Waiting Out Sandy

I'm in my bedroom listening to the rain and winds rage outside. Apparently we're still not seeing the worst of it. Midnight is supposed to bring the strongest winds, historically strong in fact. Great. I love living in an area that is steeped in history but I do not love twiddling my thumbs in the middle of a hurricane that is registering the highest, fastest winds ever seen on the East Coast.

So for now I have still have power. Meaning I twiddle my thumbs, I watch movies, I work on crocheting my blanket, I don't have melting ice cream to eat,I stave off the insanity threatening my brain (this wind is freaky, y'all), and I wait. 

Please keep us in your prayers

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Ashley said...

If words could express how worried I am about you I would say "words", but sadly, that just doesn't really capture the emotion of it all. I love you, praying for you, stay safe and call me as soon as you get a phone. (right after you call your mom, of course)