Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Valentines Day, No One

A few girlfriends and I were talking the other day and we decided how to simplify dating. You read for this?

Wear your qualifications/characteristics on a shirt. Yeah. Every single (available emotionally, mentally, and physically) person would wear their shirt proudly. Uh huh, yeah, wouldn't it be nice?

My shirt would read:

debt free
movie lover
humorous (that is, if you love Arrested Development and 30 Rock)
travel lover who actually travels
phenomenal aunt
decent cooker
will be totally cool with you having your boys camping trip (as long as you don't invite me)

To name a few. As for negative qualities, those would have to be discovered after a few dates. 

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rachel garber said...

In Arizona we used to talk about wishing our single's ward made you wear a sticker to announce your status (since there were so many of us you were never sure who was dating or single, etc . . . and with boys, if their fiancee was out of state, you never knew if he was engaged or not since they don't wear rings). Our thought was a green sticker if you were up for dating and single! a yellow if you were in a relationship and a red if you were engaged :) I love this idea too!!