Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hidden Talent

This post is going to be one big 'ole pat on my back. By me. Yep. If this isn't egomania I don't know what is.

I am excellent with babies and dogs. They seem to be drawn to me. I've said this for years but it became apparent tonight when it was pointed out by two friends whose babies couldn't get enough of me. Tonight was basically my first time meeting one of them and I have had very little interaction with the other. (sorry for the vagueness, I don't know if their moms want their names on the internetz)

Babies and dogs love me, which is great, except that without a man I don't really see myself having either of them in my future. Luckily I love them back, probably because I don't mind making an utter fool of myself to get a smile. Sometimes babies and dogs are better company than adults. That was not the case for tonight, the adult company were some of my favorite and oldest friends. 

I guess this strange super power is a wonderful thing because until I have my own I don't mind being a favorite adopted aunt. It thrills me to hear my friends refer to me as Aunt Rachel. Their babies are my babies. 

Friends, thanks for having such amazing babies. 


Anonymous said...

You're ace. That's all. And I agree, being "Auntie Rachel" can be awesome. ;)

Great Scott's! said...

you are seriously the best adoptive aunt ever!!!! My kids don't love their real aunt as much as you, so its a totally justifies brag!!! Love you RJ