Thursday, June 27, 2013


Verona was such a lovely choice. It is a bit off the beaten path but was nice for a day trip.

It ended up being a lot bigger than I expected. So darling, right?

I needed a moment for a fake pout about something. I think the sun was in my eyes.
Therefore, (fake) pout.

Juliet is not actually buried here. In fact, who knows if she was even a real person. This is more of a city museum.

Inside the supposed tomb. Decades of lovers have left their mark.

At Juliet's Window for a little counseling session for the heart. We're pretty sure they paint these walls once a week or so. I left a message or two - for my eyes only, though.

At the Window people also leave a lock with their lover's name or initials. So obviously you have a photo shoot with a friend in front of them. I had no name to write on a lock and attach to the gate. Sigh.

There is the wall where you can leave a message or a mailbox. I hope I get a reply! (Mom, I put down your address as the return address, please let me know if I get a letter from Juliet any time soon)

Italian men did not seem to wear much deodorant. Yikes.

Cherries were the fruit of the trip. I hadn't had cherries in years but seemed to have them once every few days in Europe!

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