Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Our Hands

A few months ago I looked down at my hand and noticed for the first time that I have my mom's hands. I immediately texted here to tell her this and she replied that that was impossible because I have long graceful fingers while hers are stubby and gross. I told her we would compare the next time I came for a visit.

Last week I was in Utah to celebrate Independence Day and my niece's baptism so I grabbed my mom for a quick comparison. Her hand is on the right and I'm on the left. I think they're pretty similar - we even inadvertently both stuck our pinkies out and wear our CTR rings on the same fingers. Mine are chubbier and hers are more glamorous (hello, nail polish!). 

Basically, I'm thrilled to resemble my mom in any way. She's just the coolest and if the only trait I can say strongly resembles her is my hands, I'm happier for it!

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Aaron Smyth said...

I think it's funny/cute/interesting that both of you complimented the other's hands while minimizing your own hands' beauty (notice your use of stubby, gross, chubbier, glamorous). Just another way that you're similar, I guess.
Both of you have beautiful hands, both physically and also because they are an extension of you and all the good you do with them!